LIVE is dedicated to protecting the integrity of Religious Freedom for people of faith across Australia

17 Jul 2024

With over 65% of Australians professing belief in a world religion, Australia is in fact very religious, and culturally diverse. But over the course of our recent history, most faith communities have experienced the harms of hateful coercion, where members of a particular faith group are pressured or compelled to relinquish or violate their beliefs to satisfy the demands of social or political forces.

The legacy of the professional and social exclusion being experienced by many people of faith is growing and now affecting millions of Australians. This exclusion is eroding away our fundamental human rights to freedom– to believe as we choose for all faith groups– which is central to what makes Australia great. 

LIVE is  dedicated to protecting the integrity of religious freedom for people of faith across Australia. Today in Australia the diverse faith groups and faith in God is targeted and being attacked and blamed more than no time in our history. People of faith of all persuasions are being pressured by new legal norms and  are being made  prey of hateful attacks. 

Our communities are enriched by religious and multicultural diversity.

UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights - Article 18: Right to freedom of thought and religion protects the human right to believe as we choose, without fear of discrimination or harm. But over the course of our history, the promise of religious freedom has often fallen short of its practice. 

Through policy research, public education, grassroots organising, and advocacy, LIVE leverages our unique perspective and expertise to advance policies that protect people of all faith communities, and ensure that we all receive equal treatment under law.