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Who are Migrants, Refugees, and Asylum seekers?

A refugee is a person who asked for protection and was given refugee status. ... Not every asylum seeker becomes a refugee, but every refugee starts out as an asylum seeker. A migrant is a person who leaves or flees their home to go to new places – usually abroad – to seek opportunities or safer and better prospects.”

Refugee Council of Australia summaries refugees as: 

“Refugee’ is often used to describe anyone who is forced to leave home for many reasons, such as conflict or violence. Sometimes it is also used to describe someone who has to move because of a natural disaster.


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Australia’s asylum policy punishes rather than protects people

The harsh policies cause terrible suffering to vulnerable people”..

Australia’s Asylum Policies: This Information is thanks to Refugee Council of Australia: 

Australia treats refugees in two very different ways. For many decades, Australia has been a leader in bringing some of the most vulnerable refugees in the world from overseas, and supporting them to settle in Australia. This commitment is even more valuable today when it is harder than ever for refugees to find protection in a safe country.

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Community Refugee Sponsorship Australia Program

The Australian Government has recently introduced a community sponsorship program. It allows people in Australia to say raise thier hand and experience the rewarding opportunity to  ‘sponsor’ a refugee to come live here..

Community sponsorship of refugees is a way to unlock the goodwill of ordinary Australians to help refugees successfully settle and integrate into their new local communities, supplementing the government-led resettlement program and helping change a person's life - for good. 

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Operation #NotForgotten

Introducing the Most Vulnerable Children to Hope - Providing Holistic Individualised Care in Healthy Family Environments..Support #NotForgotten Today

As at October 2021, around 1,400 people remain in Australia’s offshore processing arrangements – in Nauru, Papua New Guinea or medically evacuated to Australia. Those evacuated to Australia remain in locked detention, community detention or are living on Final Departure Bridging Visas, with no access to a financial safety net. 

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Films About Refugees

Check out this informative collection of films about Refugees in Australia …LINK HERE


What is the Temporary Protection Directive? What does it do ?

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has described the consequences of the  Russia- Ukraine conflict  as the "fastest growing refugee crisis since the second World war ."

On 3rd March, the EU Member states made the decision to activate the European Union's Council Directive 2001/55/EC of 20 July 2001 known as TPD as a consequence of the ongoing war.

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LIVElove stands up for better funding for Australian offshore detention centres:

Did you know in 2019 The Refugee Council found over  70.8 million people world-wide had been forced to leave their country?

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LIVElove Stands for Welcoming and Supporting Refugee Families to Australia:

If you’re interested in getting actively involved in welcoming and supporting refugee newcomers, click on the relevant link below for more information on these exciting current and future programs:

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