Multi-Faith Religious Freedom

Standing Up for Human Rights to Have and to Hold One's Deepest Convictions.

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LIVE is dedicated to protecting the integrity of Religious Freedom for people of faith across Australia

Our communities are enriched by religious and multicultural diversity..

Today in Australia, the diverse faith groups and faith in God is targeted and being attacked and blamed-more than no time in our history. Religious institutions of all  persuasions are being pressured by new legal norms, and the people of faith are made prey. 

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Combat religious intolerance by working together across differences..

Toward an inclusive, forward-thinking vision of religious freedom.
Across issue areas, we strive to shift how the diverse religious groups figure into policy discussions –
away from the public perception that people of faith uniformly share a particular worldview, or vote a certain way, or are of a certain race or negative stereotype, and toward an inclusive, forward-thinking vision of religious freedom.



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What is Religious Freedom?

Religious freedom is a core value for Australians and a fundamental human right reflected in the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights -  Article 18: Right to Freedom of Thought and Religion

What is Religious Freedom: Freedom of religion protects our ability to follow the religious tradition of our choice, without facing discrimination or punishment. These protections are necessary to ensure religion and democracy thrive.

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The Religious Discrimination Bill 2021- Reflections from Australia's Muslim Community..

"Australians Muslims - and people of minority faiths more generally - need a form of recourse to challenge those who openly vilify them,"

In 2020, Australia’s Muslim community urged the Morrison government to redraft its religious discrimination laws to include an anti-vilification provision, saying incitement of hatred and violence is a "fundamental threat to Australian Muslims".


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August 2021 Poll Finds- Majority Supports Religious Freedoms -

The poll found: 64 % of Australians agreed that people’s right to express their faith should be legally protected
Almost two thirds of Australians support people’s legal right to choose and express their religious faith, a new poll shows.

The survey also found a majority say health professionals and organisations of faith should not be forced to perform services which contravene their religious beliefs, while 60 per cent say religious schools should not be forced to employ staff who are in conflict with their statement of faith.


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Are Transwomen Female? Is there a Difference?

In public discourse, there’s a lot of focus on whether trans women should be counted as women. Whatever the ultimate answer, that’s obviously a reasonable question, despite trans activists’ attempts to count it as “transphobic”.

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LIVE pays our respects to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Custodians across this country, and to Elders, past, present and emerging. This website may contain the names and/or images of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals now deceased.