What We Do

Standing Up for the Dignity of the Human Person, Advancing Universal Virtues and Advocating Interfaith and Multicultural Inclusion


LIVE is Grassroots Activism  We advise the community of critical human rights issues facing Australia today, and deliver opportunities to support initiatives for peacemaking and justice. 

LIVE Promotes the Universal Virtues and offers simple practical solutions for creating a culture of character. We work to empower education throughout society: spanning throughout the workplace, the education systems, across community and Government  centres, and in the home - as a dynamic means to build networks and create solidarity of great impact.

LIVE Lobbies the Australian Government to adopt laws that meet our international human rights obligations. LIVE works to put an end to racism, promote our right to protest injustice, and stand up for interfaith religious freedom, multiculturalism, Indigenous Australians. We support overseas aid,  refugees, asylum seekers and  defend the rights of the child. 

LIVE Promotes Information Sharing and Joint Advocacy Among Diverse Interfaith Groups and provides a platform for information-sharing  and joint advocacy among them as a framework for community building, faith sharing and understanding. We  identify challenges to the diverse faith communities and guide them in shaping a coherent response including, combating all racism and standing against: Xenophobia, Anti Semitism, Islamophobia, Afrophobia and Asian Hate.

LIVE Provides a Forum for Addressing National Problems encountered by people of diverse backgrounds, including supporting the rights of Interfaith and Multicultural groups, Indigenous Australians, Refugees, Asylum seekers and all Children  alike, and their agencies and other partners, Australia wide.